BioCydex has completed the preclinical efficacy of Vectisol® during kidney transplantation

The last phase of preclinical trials on the efficacy of Vectisol® during kidney transplantation was performed under dynamic conditions (perfusion machine) . The “Large White” pig kidneys were subjected to 60 min of warm ischemia preconditioning before extraction and cold preservation.

The protective effect of Vectisol® is confirmed by the excellent recovery of glomerular filtration and renal tubular functions. Particularly, in the presence of Vectisol®, creatinine levels strictly meet the normal levels sustainably unlike the kidneys preserved without Vectisol® . Other indicators (SOD , AST …) are similarly improved.

These results confirm those obtained previously under static conditions when Vectisol® was added to the major commercialized preservative solutions.