Vectisol® is dedicated to organ, tissue and cell preservation. This molecular complex developed by BioCydex optimizes organ preservation by struggling against the Ischemia-Reperfusion injuries.

Vectisol® is an additive to the commercial “preservative solutions”.

Vectisol® opens the possibility of expanding the eligibility criteria of organ donors. Preclinical trials in kidney transplantation have demonstrated that Vectisol® achieves more rapid normal creatinine level and more rapid resumption of normal kidney functions. Vectisol® is also expected to extend the life expectancy of the graft and to increase the preservation time and therefore to contribute in optimizing the management of the organ distribution networks.

We have validated the non-toxicity, the efficiency, the benefit and the industrial process for the production of Vectisol®. The product is currently under regulatory evaluation.

Vectisol® technology was simultaneously patented in France and US and is undergoing international extensions.

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